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We can't lose the ship now! I'm pretty sure they do. And for the record, Grievous's fight with Kenobi on Kamino would've been the same as this if he chose to end the fight while Kenobi is on the floor instead of being cocky. For the cyborg, though, the coherence hindered as much as it helped, whereas Mace never remained in one place for very long. Text. His strikes were as forceful as any Mace had ever had to counter, and his speed was astonishing. He disarmed her three times fairly handily and ended the duel when he felt like it. 4:11. The battle ground is Dathomir both fighters are at their absolute best and determined to kill each other. Can you use it to argue he's >> Kenobi? Dooku muses that few, if any Jedi could take down Grievous -- admitting that his student could threaten Yoda or Mace -- and Mace, after having battled Grievous, declares that of all the Jedi, even himself and Yoda, Obi-Wan has the best chance of defeating Grievous. Seems to me like it was a massacre and the Republic forces were decimated almost instantly, where the Jedi retreated from the disaster. That is, on the major dark side nexus of Dathomir. All the more motivation for Maul to do his best to end the fight as quickly as possible. Take it up with the writers. That same character also landed a kick using said greater reach. So it's Darth Maul vs General Grievous from Star Wars. Our definitions of 'stomp' are.. very opposed. Atrophy. Gangly chaps always have the hardest time. The master,” Mace had said. Mace is also a moron for not anticipating the magnaguards in his fight with Dooku. Considering it hasn't happened either time that they've fought, there's your answer. As for the fight itself, she held her own at the beginning, landed a force push on him, proceeded to dodge a lot of his attacks before getting held up in the air with his foot. @void_reborn: Should also mention that the microseries is only a small part of the CWMM which showcases and elaborates on the entire war leading up to ROTS. Whether she was trying to capture or kill him is utterly irrelevant, since she couldn't even get to a point where she could capture/kill him until Maul acted like a moron. And Dathomir potentially amped Maul which would make sense as to why this was the case. The clash immediately becomes a stomp in sheev’s favor, to the point where grievous can rip through talzin’s barrier unabated. Not only would they have to figure out where the frigates and fighters crashed, but they would then have to mobilise their forces, transport those forces to the ruins, attack the ruins, eliminate all of the survivors, and establish a perimeter to box them in. Obviously if you get your opponent close enough, the extra arm trick is going to be easier to perform. Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and General Grievous. It was far from a short battle. Their physicals and fighting techniques are completely different. So now, facing the tornado of annihilating energy that is Grievous’s attack, Obi-Wan simply is who he is. This. Mixing the two continuities isn't a good idea. "Quickly" is a comparison of the campaign's length compared to others, which could go on for weeks or even months, like Mygeeto and others. Henry Gilroy: But he wasn't Force sensitive, he wasn't able to use the Force. Nineth Sister was able to keep fighting after Cal chopped her arm off, but that doesn't change the fact that the act firmly established him as the superior swordfighter. There is no difference between what you're saying and what I said, because it is Grievous' failure of combative prowess for any such opening to present itself. Pieces of lightsabers bounced on the durasteel deck.Grievous looked down at the blade-sliced hunks of metal that were all he had left in his hands, then up at Obi-Wan's shining sky-colored blade, then down at his hands again, and then he seemed to suddenly remember that he had an urgent appointment somewhere else.Anywhere else. This pronouncement had startled Obi-Wan, and he had protested. Last I checked, Maul aligns with the dark side. She's not just going to lose her abilities after a matter of months. They don't even act the same. "order or allow to leave; send away" Maul coming back does not change the fact that he was knocked away in the first place. Browse more videos. Highly unlikely. So I'm the one using the words here, in the way I intend, and I tell you what exactly I meant when I said them, and your rebuttal is to present another definition when I already told you which definition I was using? And the kick was so effective that Obi-Wan is in visible pain, holding his abdomen over 12 seconds after he was hit. Kenobi tells Grievous "you'll regret that", charges him, and is promptly dismissed. Doesn't change much though. EDIT: i read the fight wrong and thought it was ventress vs grievous vs maul, not maul vs team. I'm pretty sure that's enough to convey that Ahsoka lost this fight. Untrue. @greysentinel365: Alright so then that just further proves it. Canon Grievous is stated to have mastered many classic lightsaber styles, but there's no evidence that he knows Maul's. No. If Maul were "dismissed", he wouldn't have been back up and ready to carry on fighting, now would he? Seems fair. Overall, the move script elaborates that Obi-Wan was struggling immensely: "His arms seperate and grab all four lightsabers on his belt. Power of plot armor. I used the term interchangeably with swordfighter. A player of dejarik could memorize all the classic openings and countermoves, and still not be a master of the game. This is a CIS planet filled to the brim with droids like bacteria on a petri dish. Superhero battle match: Darth Maul (TCW) versus General Grievous. Any benefits it had are unquantifiable and not noted to increase them by any noticeable margin: With a motion of her hands, the docking bay was suddenly filled with dozens of Nightsister warriors, though sporting robes and weapons that struck Maul as of ancient design. As seen in SOD where he cuts off his arm in an actual duel, then BFRs him later with the force when both are caught off guard. A subtle shift in the angle of a single parry brought Obi-Wan's blade in contact not with the blade of the oncoming lightsaber, but with the handgrip. Her existence in that fight is even more pointless than TPM Obi-Wan in Maul vs Qui Gon and Kenobi. EDIT: People are seriously saying Grievous breached Maul's guard on Zanbar?? Darth Maul se enfrenta a Obi Wan por última vez [Lima Comic Con] Sombras de Rebelión . Couldn't be further from the truth. Enslavement to form opened one to defeat by the unforeseen. Okay so you agree the last part of their fight is completely stupid. Mostly Legends material but okay and yes I already know that. giving her ample time to get back into her stride. Grievous is stronger than Anakin. This is where she should have lost and died but nah Filoni can't have Ahsoka dying in the show so Grievous throws her into the sand and laughs as he chases her with spinning lightsabers. This is a stomp. The only one who did well against Grievous in a solo fight was Ki Adi Mundi after he had composed himself to make a last stand. Ahsoka manages to hold her own against him for a time despite a massive physicals disadvantage. The second one I'll grant you he beats Kenobi, but again this is Kenobi far before his prime (in both). Filoni literally confirms that it's taking a huge amount out of her just to compete at his level. Compared to Obi-Wan? Obi-Wan likely would've been captured right after that kick if Cody didn't help him out. Isolated, with the means to improve. You're taking the fights out of context. For this era of lore, I would put Mace equal to Sidious, slightly beneath Yoda, a bit better than any version of Anakin. The same argument about feats not aligning can be made about the films and the 2003 series, but they both are treated as Legends. The Lost. Hypori is one of the main 'core' worlds of the Confederacy, and a planet so transformed that the entire place is literally a droid factory pumping them out by the hundreds of thousands or millions every second. Sure, in-universe the fight is supposed to be longer than what is shown but from what we see Maul doesn't force out any opening during active combat like Grievous did on Zanbar. Barrek and young Gi gathered intelligence uncovering a massive battle droid factory on the Outer Rim world of Hypori. Half the severed lightsaber skittered away, along with the duranium thumb and first finger of the hand that had held it.Grievous paused, eyes pulsing wide, then drawing narrow. I referred to Ahsoka's fight with Maul because you said you're talking strictly Legends and Canon Maul exists in Canon so of course I'm going to compare his showing with Legends Grievous' showing. If he gets him in the same position as Obi-Wan, I can definitely see him 'cheap shotting' MFV and winning if he cuts him in half or physically manhandles him without throwing him far enough away and leaving him said distance away long enough for him to get back up and pull some BS. Season 7 is a grey area. Only old pre-2008 legends Grievous was programmed with a knowledge of all seven forms, and he never fought Maul. Can you use it to argue Grievous > Kenobi? Photo. What you're saying doesn't mean anything whatsoever. I hope you realise Ahsoka is also not trying to kill him. For support Grievous has his body guards, and Maul has his brother. My point is the kick was effective enough that had Obi-Wan continued fighting he'd have likely lost very quickly. And what is Maul's problem again? That's a pretty clear sign of dominating someone. Crouching low, he angled the blade downward and slashed, guiding it through the roof of the car, perpendicular to Grievous's stalwart advance. And yet it was you who contended that reach was an advantage. Number two, again, Grievous was distracted and Maul was potentially amped: Nightsister Magicks are just another expression of the dark side of the force. They're treated as the same character. Thus, I examine it through that lense. If not, fair enough. As opposed to arguing that landing a kick means a character can stomp another? They both landed blows, how far the kicks shot the target owes to the physicals department.

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