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[40], During his time as a cadet, as with many others of his rank at the time, he wielded a rifle on his back. Vergo, age 27, with fried egg stuck to his face. You must log in or register to reply here. [16][17], Through his short confrontation with Trafalgar Law, Vergo proved himself to be a shrewd man. For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 761. [3] He was also skillful enough to deceive the entire Marine force, including the observant Smoker, in hiding his true affiliations, as well as deceiving citizens with pretexts by falsifying the crimes into "accidents at sea". Law cut Vergo into two in one hit on Punk Hazard. Vergo said that Law had grown a lot since he had last seen him. All OCs are allowed to start with a devil fruit of their choice if they so wish. So then by that logic why didn't law just cut doflamingo in half? Smoker is a seasoned Marine, who when first introduced, was trying to track down Luffy in Logue Town. Among the Straw Hats, Vergo only fought against Sanji. However, he quickly lo… 5 Vergo. A Logia Devil Fruit is characterized by giving its user the ability to become, create, and control an element or force of nature. PATREON:https://www.patreon.com/GrandLineReviewDiscord: https://discord.gg/fknbjkkTwitter: https://twitter.com/GrandLineReview It is the devil fruit that will save your life!” Law’s eyes narrows at the fruit with a slight frown. Devil Fruits that allow the user to create and control poison, wax, or any other substance that do not allow the user's body itself to transform into that element itself are classified under Paramecia; the Yami Yami no Mi is the sole exception. 23 Best Aye Images One Piece Anime Manga Anime. The Marines then started attacking Vergo, though they were still in denial and believed him to be an impostor, and Vergo easily took them out. Junichi Suwabe Aside from Doflamingo, Monet was the only member of the Donquixote Pirates who knew about Vergo's mission to infiltrate the Marines. While the first Corazon, Vergo, pretended to be a Marine but was really a pirate, the second Corazon, Rosinante, pretended to be a pirate but was really a Marine. After destroying the coliseum floor. This was proven by Vergo's two easy victories against Law, although the fact he had Law's heart which he used to weaken him should be taken into consideration. Greenbull is a Marine Admiral, which automatically makes him one of the strongest people in the series. Combined with his Haki, he defeated Smoker in one on one combat. Seeing himself as above the Shichibukai, Vergo quickly reminded Law of the difference in their power by beating him unconscious. Chapter 671; Episode 597[1] Funi English VA: [34] His Busoshoku Haki mastery has been vouched by himself, Caesar, and even Doflamingo, all of which held the upmost confidence in his proficiently. Vergo was a tall, light-skinned, lean, yet muscular man with short dark hair, a beard, sideburns, and sunglasses. Because of Rosinante's claim, Doflamingo did not suspect him at all, and Vergo shared such trust. Vergo then gave Law's heart a prolonged squeeze and made him lose consciousness before being confronted by Smoker. [20] Doflamingo would suggest that this event traumatized Law to this day. @linsanel_doctor: @leo-343: Ace depended too much on his devil fruit I don't think he could deal with vergo who is a master of haki. vergo is devil fruit user??? Blood Type: 2- The second instance is Vergo's fight with Law. [6] However, he was, in truth, a pirate who managed to keep his criminal activities a secret and was able to enlist into the Marines. Law also did not hesitate in leaving Vergo to die in the SAD production room, which he knew would explode. Epithet: [2] While he was in the upper echelons of the Marines, he claimed to visit his sick sister in his hometown in order to take leaves of absence from his Marine duties. [50], Ultimately, Vergo was able to exploit Smoker's increased body volume that resulted from his Logia transformation and use Busoshoku Haki to land a powerful strike on him, which broke his jitte and left him defeated on the ground. Official English Name: Unlike many other Marines in One Piece, Smoker does not follow the rule of Absolute Justice and follows his own code of justice, which he later preaches to Tashigi. I probably just missed it somewhere along the way but what ever happened to Vergo? One of Caesar's men then reported that the prisoners had escaped their cage and broken into the lab, and Vergo went to go deal with Law and Smoker to ensure that he and Doflamingo would stay out of trouble. Pica is weaker than vergo comfirmed by oda in a 40s to 50s sbs, law one shot pica when they were finally on equal terms with one another(law had his heart). DFs are NOT mandatory and are regulated to prevent doubles in our universe, as this also encourages creativity. As Vergo was a messy eater, he tended to have pieces of food stuck to his face from time to time, such as French fries when residents of a certain island had a flashback of him, and a partially eaten hamburger patty stuck to his left cheek when he was first introduced. Alias: He also offered to cut one of Law's ears off and send it to Doflamingo as proof that he killed him. It'd be funny if Vergo had a devil fruit and simply forgot he had it. Buffalo. When Law tried to stop Vergo from brutalizing Rosinante, Vergo extended the beatings to the boy for not giving him the proper honorific suffix "-san". As far as I know, Haki users can block Devil Fruit attacks. They also refer to Doflamingo as "Doffy". Law used a devil fruit-induced attack to cut Vergo in half, but since Vergo was full haki, shouldn't he have been able to block the attack? G-5 (former) [12] However, once pointed out by Monet, Vergo then proceeded to finish eating the piece of food stuck to his cheek. Close. … Vergo's health status will go through the roof with this fruit and will greatly add to his performance. Law outsmarted Smoker. Also I'm aware recently Tekking did a video on a similar theme, but I didn't plagiarize his video. Oda set this mystery up himself by stating that Vergo surpasses Law in strength, standing and is protected by his haki. 2. Vergo (in Japanese: ヴェルゴ, Verugo) was one of the top four executives of the Donquixote Pirates, and the secondary antagonist of the Punk Hazard Arc.Being a spy for Donquixote Doflamingo, he was given the task of assisting Caesar Clown.He disguised himself as a Navy officer, commander of Branch G-5. Debut: July 5th[10] (former)[6] Manga Like several other high-ranking Marines, Vergo had access to the Rokushiki martial arts style. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Vergo and Monet are well-acquainted with one another as they work under the same leader. However, when the situation called for it, Vergo was willing to mercilessly kill his Marine subordinates, which led them to adamantly believe that the Vergo attacking them was an impostor, insisting that the Vergo they knew was a kind and caring person. Height: It was eaten by Trafalgar Law. [7], Thirteen years after Trafalgar Law had defected from the Donquixote Pirates, Monet reported that he was working with Caesar on Punk Hazard. Donquixote Pirates;[2] Marines[3] (undercover);[2] Marine G-5[3] (undercover)[2] Now we all know Vergo is a sloppy eater but an Axolotl's primary feeding method is by suction which is kind of ironic, yet what would be even funnier is if he gets food stuck on his chin regardless of feeding method. Vergo is dead please dont revive him , he had amazing death . 2. In the Vivre Card Vergo scene's using FBH had a brief caption on the last Vivre card: (quote). [48] When Vergo arrived at the SAD Production Room, Law attempted to use his Ope Ope no Mi powers to get his heart back, but Vergo physically overwhelmed him and was unfazed when Law tried to electrocute him with Counter Shock. [19] In fact, he did not even notice there was a large piece of patty (or any other food and utensils) on his cheek until he was made to notice it. )[7] [29], Being a former vice admiral and a former head of G-5, he had command over lower ranking subordinates, as well as control over the entire base. ... to nothing about Lucci’s post TS strength but if he’s being reintroduced to the story having him be weaker than Vergo wouldn’t make much sense. Even though Sanji attacked Vergo to stop him from killing Tashigi, he did despise Vergo for harming his Marine subordinates, stating that he was the kind of man that his captain would hate the most. But we've also seen him match Sanji in Kicking power. I think it can be taken way deeper than it has been shown. [21] Another example is when he was about to go after Smoker and Law, he could not remember where he placed his sword, only for Monet to remind him that he is not a swordsman. [23] Although Doflamingo was ultimately forced to leave Vergo to die when he lost to Law, he did so by thanking him for all his services, causing Vergo to smile silently.[25]. On the other hand, Zorro uses only his skill. Just like the corrupt police captain, Vergo protects Caesar Clown’s Devil Fruit enterprise. Generate leads, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website. That's what Vergo thought, but the combination of Law's ability and his haki was able to penetrate Vergo's full-body haki. Donquixote Rosinante is Doflamingo's younger brother, who disappeared since he was 8 years old and reappeared in front of the Donquixote Pirates at age 22 to join the crew. [28] On Doflamingo's orders, Vergo intended to kill Law in the most brutal manner possible, and Vergo even offered to cut off one of Law's ears as proof. Vergo. [18] His cruelty was reflected in his fighting style, as he often brutally beat his victims into submission. One time Tashigi went to tell him about a report of children being kidnapped, and Vergo lied that it was false and just a way to give the parents hope. The parents of the children kept on Punk Hazard trusted Vergo's words that all of the missing children died in accidents at sea. If Vergo will reappear in some shady Doflamingo/Crocodile orientated underworld unity, then he for sure would bring some fresh air alongside. That means there has to be some sort of limit to what law can cut other than haki. Using Shigan, he swiftly stabbed multiple G-5 Marines at Punk Hazard. 41[9] [2] Vergo called him "Doffy" (ドフィ, Dofī? Vergo looked outside with interest as he watched Caesar's new creation Smiley rampaging. [49] Vergo revealed that he had already revealed his true colors to the rest of the G-5 platoon, and mocked Smoker for caring about insignificant soldiers. Vergo's mastery over Haki was evident from his fight with Smoker, who is also a Vice-Admiral. However, Vergo and his group's distrust towards Caesar led them to hire Monet and place her in Caesar’s organization. He contacted Doflamingo to inform him of the situation, and Doflamingo ordered him to kill Law immediately. One Piece Vergo Devil Fruit. Due to this, he could actually use the propeller to fly in the sky as long as he also rotates his feet to lift himself up. [7] He also used Geppo to escape from H2S gas via midair and used this technique to travel through a hallway,[19] and Soru to stop Trafalgar Law from retrieving his heart. Seeing himself as above the Warlord, Vergo quickly reminded Law of the difference in their power by beating him unconscious. [45] Caesar had the prisoners' cage moved outside to have them killed by Shinokuni, but after a while the trio did not see any pirates or Marines petrified by the gas after it had consumed the whole island. Anime The Ope Ope no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to create a spherical space or "room", in which the user has complete control over the placement and orientation of the objects inside, making the user a Free Modification Human (改造自在人間, Kaizō Jizai Ningen? Impressed by Doflamingo's ability to use Haoshoku Haki, Vergo, Trebol, Pica, and Diamante swore their loyalty to the young former Celestial Dragon and treated him like royalty, protecting and training him in the arts needed to make him the Pirate King. \"Ope\" comes from the word \"Operation\", as the space the user creates is compared to an \"operating room\" and the user to a surgeon. He could completely overpower Tashigi, an expert swordswoman, and also the entire Unit 01 of G-5 Marines. The user can transform partly, or completely. Devil Fruits are rare treasures that grant people magical powers when eaten. Now we all know Vergo is a sloppy eater but an Axolotl's primary feeding method is by suction which is kind of ironic, yet what would be even funnier is if he gets food stuck on his chin regardless of feeding method. 1. PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/animeuproarAll Zoan Users and Their Powers Explained! I plan to add this revelation to my theory (with credit to you, of course), I'm just lazy. They share a fierce loyalty with Doflamingo to the point that the four of them destroyed an entire town for having bad pavement that made Doflamingo trip. [7] He defeated Vice Admiral Smoker with moderate difficulty (while still holding back his full strength)—although Smoker was more focused on retrieving Law's heart. Vergo imbuing his entire body with Busoshoku Haki. [19] He was also strong enough to completely overwhelm the entire Unit 01 of G-5, including Tashigi (minus Smoker at the time), despite their superior numbers. He could also come across as patronizing, mocking Law's position by pretending to have some respect for the Warlord. In some appearances, he sometimes have piece of food stuck to his face. The user can transform partly, or completely. Vergo covered his entire body in Busoshoku Haki as he prepared to attack Law, but Law then took out his sword and used his Devil Fruit ability to unleash a massive cut which not only bisected Vergo at the waist, but split apart the entire laboratory and mountain. Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > giorgos. Vergo wasn’t regularly cut but was just split apart through the effects of the Ope Ope no Mi. Sabo's control over his devil fruit isn't that great as we saw at Dressrosa and actually, he might not get any more time to use it as it seems Sabo is in trouble. [6] He reached the rank of captain by the time Doflamingo took over Dressrosa,[5] and eventually became a vice admiral. 6 Greenbull. Law Vs Vergo One Piece Manga One Piece Personnage Image De One. [22] Even Doflamingo is aware of this, as when Vergo claimed to have purchased a camera only to be reminded that he did not buy one at all. He then revealed his true allegiance to Smoker and Tashigi, and stated that they and their soldiers would be killed here and he would pass off their deaths as an accident. Vergo's former codename, Corazón, is the Spanish word for "heart", matching the card suit motif of Doflamingo's top executive officers. ... thanks to the power of his Allosaurus Devil Fruit. [39] According to Doflamingo, it protects Vergo from even Law's spatial cutting power, which was supposedly able to cut through anything. “Nothing can be guaranteed if I eat the fruit…who knows if I’ll be cured.” Corazon has no time of Law’s doubts as he pushes the fruit … [35][36][37], He can use Busoshoku Haki for defensive purposes as well as offense, such as when he blocked Tashigi's sword using his hardened arm. He is a user of the Ope Ope no Mi, the ultimate Devil Fruit. [7], About six months after his transfer, he was sent to Swallow Island to help retrieve the Ope Ope no Mi. 50% Upvoted. Nov 28, 2020 #126. Oda likes to go full circle with devil fruits, so at the end of the day someone will inherit this ability. If it’s pre ts Lucci he gets one shot by Vergo. Through his short confrontation with Trafalgar Law, Vergo proved himself to be a shrewd man. There is nothing Luffy can do to Vergo to win here I just dont see it happening. X[8] The two of them fought fiercely, and each managed to land blows on each other. Vergo is a villain in the Punk Hard Arc of One Piece. Vergo was stated to be Donquixote Doflamingo's most beneficial and trustworthy Marine officer. Japanese Name: He was also shown to be a person who demands respect from others, such as when he demanded that Law refer to him as Vergo-san. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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